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From Africa.

LJS Group continues to create a reliable and trusted e-commerce platform run from UK and Africa to the world where everyone can get served no matter where they are in the globe with quality products form Africa

LJS Group continues to grow its vision of becoming the leading eCommerce company in Africa.

Our mission is to serve the world through our online sales platform and ensure that those who need our services are served in a satisfactory manner.

Our Businesses

Our wide range of products and services indicates our vision and determination to invest in the sustainability of Africa

Investor Relationship

One of our key priorities is to develop, assess, and commercialize a portfolio of innovative products

Why invest in LJS Group?

LJSGROUP is a registered e-commerce company in Cameroon with legal status under the Cameroon legal system.

The company which has been in the making since 2019 and opened its doors officially in 2021 is projecting herself as one of, if not the biggest e-commerce company in Africa that will be able to expand and export goods from Africa and Cameroon to the world.

Social Impact.

In today’s business climate, consumers require more from a business than just supplying goods and services that they wish to purchase. They require an ethical and moral organization that uses ethics and morals to build its business.

In this light, LJS GROUP is engaged in giving back to her community which she resides in a bid to improve the livelihoods of those who are in need and make society a better place for, if not everyone but mostly for those who really need it to be in a comfortable state while taking on lives many challenges.


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