Our Businesses.


Baobarbmart is one of our E-commerce platform that serves as your access point to the African market, enabling seamless export of a wide range of products

At Baobarbmart, we have meticulously curated our collection to showcase Africa’s diverse heritage and bountiful resources.



Vocanga is an African shrub that is primarily grown in West Africa. This magical plant that is widely used around the world for research.

Cameroon Timber

LJS GROUP also has timber as one of the many products that she exports to the world from Cameroon. We are partnered with specialized companies.

Having experience for more than 3 decades in Round Logs and Sawn Timber trade, serving the needs of the International Market has always been our priority.

Cameroon Timber Shipping Company

LJS Studios

LJS Studios is an audio-visual production studio as well as a graphics design house that deals with the production of graphic images, videography, and photography.

LJS Studios offers a wide range of services to individual and business clients. Our clients benefit by getting personalized, quality photo and video services that are beyond comparison.

LJS Travels

LJS Travels is where we take care of your flight tickets, Visa solutions, Hôtel reservations, Courier Services, Travel insurance & Travel consultancy services.

At LJS Travels, we specialize in flight ticket sales and visa assistance, ensuring your travel plans are smooth and stress-free. We also provide DHL courier services, hotel reservations, and convenient airport transfers for a seamless travel experience

LJS Group is Always Here to Solve Your Business Problems.

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