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Our Businesses.

Our Product Businesses

Vocanga is an African shrub that is primarily grown in West Africa. This magical plant that is widely used around the world for research.

Traditionally, people in western Africa use the bark of the Yohimbe tree as an aphrodisiac and to boost general health as well as athletic performance. This is also one of the major products that we export to the world in bark shavings uniquely for now in small and large quantities.

LJS GROUP also has timber as one of the many products that she exports to the world from Cameroon. This is done with the partnership of other specialized companies in the domain of timber transformation and exportation who oversee transportation....

Our Service Businesses

LJS Studios is an audio-visual production studio as well as a graphics design house that deals with the production of graphic images, videography, and photography. We shoot both outdoor and indoor events like weddings and interviews as well as short videos. The studio also shoots pictures and edits. The studio is founded on the need for people to immortalize their memories and make them live with them forever.

Global Supply is another business service owned by LJS Group. Group supply was created with the aim to meet the need of our customers who seek to do retailing or want to distribute our products. LJS Group through Global Supply meets the needs of those businesses who deal with very large supplies.

LJS Group is Always Here to Solve Your Business Problems.