Investor Relationship.

Partnering with LJS Group

One of our key priorities is to develop, assess, and commercialize a portfolio of innovative products.

Why invest in LJS Group?

LJSGROUP is a registered company operating in both Cameroon and the UK. It holds legal status under the legal systems of both countries.

The company has been in development since 2017 and officially launched its operations in 2020.

LJSGROUP aims to position itself as one of the conglomerates in Africa, with a vision to expand and export goods from Africa and specifically Cameroon to markets worldwide.

Njualem Amos, Employee of the year 2022 at LJS Group

So the compelling reasons why you should consider investing in this unique business venture is because of the:

  • Expanding African E-commerce Market in Africa and the world
  • Diverse Revenue Streams
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Thriving Socioeconomic environment in Africa and Cameroon for business
  • Scalability and Future Potential
  • Strategic Geographic Presence

If you have any specific questions or inquiries regarding LJSGROUP or its operations, feel free to ask.


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