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About LJS GROUP Ltd.

LJS Group continues to create a reliable and trusted eCommerce platform run from Africa to the world where everyone can get served no matter where they are in the globe with quality products form Africa

LJS Group

LJS GROUP is an e-commerce company with its head office located in Douala Cameroon (West Africa) which engages in the online sale of products from Cameroon and Africa to anywhere in the world. The idea of this structure was born in 2017 because of the multiple solicitations that came from around the world for products from Africa.

We noticed that there are a lot of opportunities in this field that we can exploit legitimately because Africa is noted for vices like scamming and that’s why we proceeded to registering this company as a legal entity following the supreme laws of the land in Cameroon and in the United States of America.

The aim was to identify the products that are in high demand by people out of Cameroon and even Africa and get them to them without them necessarily having to leave where they are to get the products.

We started the company from scratch and had to build it through legitimacy in the face of our clients since Africa is noted for dubious transactions that never saw the light of day, we are about legitimizing trade from Africa and creating a platform that everyone can trust and believe in and carry out their transactions without getting ripped off their earnings.

Given the fact that Africa is relatively lacking behind when it comes to trusted e-commerce platforms, LJS GROUP is pulling her head out of water to dare into this relatively unexploited field and ensure that African products gets to the European, American, Asian markets with ease and within the fastest time possible.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be the biggest and most trusted e-commerce platform in Africa that can provide whatever the customer needs, wherever they may be and in record time.

LJS Group

Growing Vision.

LJS group continues to grow its vision of becoming the leading ecommerce company in Africa

Our Mission

To serve the world through our online sales platform and ensure that those who need our services are served in a satisfactory manner.

To create a reliable and trusted ecommerce platform run from Africa to the world where everyone can get served no matter where they are in the globe with quality products form Africa

Our Core Values

Here at LJS Group, we have great values which we inculcate to our staff members


We think that customers should be able to trust us before carrying out business transactions and we believe that it’s only when there is belief, confidence, and fairness that a true and lasting business relationship can be built.


We are liable for the best quality of products that we provide to our clients and provide clarity as much as possible on what the product or service is all about. This means that we ensure that accountability is given on each transaction on course until it gets to its destination.


We are not just about telling the truth but going beyond that to promote a spirit of openness between both parties in a bid to see every angle of the operation with clarity.

Value – centric

We believe that creating the best experience for our customers is the greatest satisfaction that we can ever have as a brand and that’s why we develop our business’s philosophy putting ourselves in the place of our clients to give them a positive customer experience before and after sales


Libobgha Julius S.

CEO & Founder

“The world is our market place”

The world today is evolving and at a fast pace. Intercontinental trade is developing exponentially and the demand for African products worldwide is relatively on the rise. This need has led to the high increase in vices online like scamming which is making e commerce a difficult field to trade in.

Despite these vices, LJSGROUP has decided to set the pace and stand out as a credible enterprise that can be able to connect the world to Africa in a legit manner and provide that which you need from the continent and especially from Cameroon to you wherever you maybe in the world.

Executive Leaders

Our senior executives bring tremendous experience, visionary thinking, and a shared commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation to the day-to-day operation of LJS Group.


John Paul S.


Tchokomakoua J.P


Angwi Shrearon

Digital Marketer

Njualem ATM

Content Creator

Ngome Princewill

Web Designer

Eyong Gabriel