Corporate social responsibility

Our business dealings and interactions are grounded in core values of trust, accountability, honesty and treating others with dignity and respect

Giving back to the society

For over 2 years, our deep commitment to providing value and caring for others has helped define our company. It extends beyond the 4 walls of our offices into our local communities around the country.

We deliver great value to our community by helping vulnerable families and children access the resources and opportunities they need to build a better future for themselves and society at a large scale

Our Approach to Giving Back

Reaching Out To IDP's

Today in Africa, some of our countries are going through civil wars. LJS Group reaches out to Internally displaced persons by providing their basic needs.

Foundation Giving

LJS Group through philanthropic grants to selected nonprofit organizations reaches out to the needy

Our Area Social Impact

In today’s business climate, consumers require more from a business than just supplying goods and services that they wish to purchase. They require an ethical and moral organization that uses ethics and morals to build its business.

In this light, LJSGROUP is engaged in giving back to her community which she resides in a bid to improve the livelihoods of those who are in need and make the society a better place for, if not everyone but mostly for those who really need it to be in a comfortable state while taking on lives many challenges.

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