A family member and not just an employee

LJS GROUP believes more in the principle of family and employees are not just seen as pieces in a puzzle to make the right fit and get the job done but everyone is brought under the umbrella of belonging to a family. This way they all work for the benefit of each other and the growth of the enterprise.


Why choose us

We seek to ensure that humanity has all the weapons to thrive by providing a way-out to some diseases that are threatening the world and the provision of some basic food necessities as well as industrial products like timber etc. In this light, working to achieve these goals and making sure that humanity is best served for her survival and excellent wellbeing is a satisfactory feeling like no other.

Join us

Working with LJS Group means:

  • Choosing a leading company in its sector of activity in Cameroon.
  • Opting for stability, job security, and social well-being.
  • Adhere to a corporate culture whose values ​​are dynamism and performance, integrity and transparency, ethics and responsibility.

Job vacancies

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